Beckoned (Born of Darkness Book 1) by R. B. Fields – Review by Michelle Austin

Beckoned (Born of Darkness, Book 1)Beckoned by R.B. Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beckoned (Born of Darkness, Book 1) by R.B. Fields was a thrilling 5 star read.
It took just a little bit for me to get pulled in but once I was I couldn’t put it down.

Dawn is a nurse who is one a mission to help get bad guys off the streets. At night she goes hunting for serial killers, what she didn’t expect was a vampire. With a dangerous twist she finds herself in the arms of a very hot vampire, Silas.

Silas is intrigued by Dawn, he brings her home with him knowing she is in danger. They both will be hunted by the dead vampires clan. When Dawn meets the rest of the clan they are all pulled in by her, but why? And my oh my do we get some very hot and steamy moments.

Will Dawn continue to bond with all of the vampires? Will they be able to keep her safe? And just what is Dawn?

Overall this was a thrilling read. I loved all of the characters, they added a great element to the story. I felt like I was getting a mix of Lost boys and True Blood with this group of hot vampires. There are some twists and turns that added a great element to the story. We do end on a slight cliff hanger so I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. If you are looking for a great vampire read, 1-click and get started today.

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