I Still Hate You by Marie Skye- Review by Angela Hayes

I Still Hate YouI Still Hate You by Marie Skye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

I Still Hate You is a quite the sexy romp by Marie Skye. I always go into Marie Skye’s book thinking I know what to expect, and you would think that after all this time and so many books later that I would have learned my lesson- Marie Skye always pulls something new and original out of her pocket, as this book is everything I had hoped for, but also had unexpected developments that gave the story an extra element of interest. The only issue that I had with the book is that I wished it had been longer- only because I am greedy and wanted to immerse myself in the story longer.
I Still Hate You has many humorous touches, with funny banter, and witty sarcasm- plus some more emotive moments that had me fully investing in the characters and their situation, as well as the steamy encounters that Marie Skye does so well.
I really enjoyed meeting Perrie and Ash and following along for the ride.
I can’t wait to see what Marie Skye does next.

Thank you, Marie Skye!


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