Nite Fire: Flash Point (Volume 1) By C.L. Schneider – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Flash Point (Nite Fire, #1)Flash Point by C.L. Schneider
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Dahlia Nite is a woman who moves around a lot ever since she escaped from her home and her execution, all because she paused while carrying out her duty when she was startled by something she couldn’t easily explain, so she ran in the middle of the night leaving everything and everyone she knew behind and escaped to the human realm, but her past has caught up with her now she has moved back to Sentinel City and not just when she is reliving her pain and fear in her dreams whenever she goes to sleep. When she uncovers a nest of otherworldly creatures who have been killing the humans in the city she currently calls home, she has no choice but to exterminate them, although it isn’t easy and she has to hide her true form while doing it, she completes her mission, but while working out how the creatures made it there, it is what they say which troubles her more, this and the fact that these particular creatures normally live alone, but here there were five of them, just another thing to add onto her list of strange things happening in Sentinel City.

The next day she is contacted by her contractor saying that there has been a murder, but that it is so unusual in the way it was commited that she is being called in to help and so keep the humans from finding out what truly happened there, but when she arrives at the scene, she is shown in by a police officer who looks like he doubts what he is seeing as she doesn’t look old enough to have experience of dealing with these types of investigations. The brutality of the murders is the first thing she notices and the manner in which they were killed is devastatingly familiar and that is before she has even properly looked at the bodies, but she knows exactly what did this, the thing she needs to find out now is why this family is dead. When she meets the captain of the police force there, she learns that she is being assigned a partner to investigate with, but after she requests to be alone with the scene, she confirms her original suspicions, even though she doesn’t want to. Later on in the day, she goes to a favourite haunt to have a drink and think about what she had found out that day, however, she senses someone nearby who could be involved and gives chase, however, when she gets close to them, they attack and this leads to more bodies like the ones at the house, but she loses sight of the person when they escape out of the back of the building.

Things start to get more complicated after she meets her new partner and that is when she realises that this one is going to become a thorn in her side, especially when the bodies start to pile up and any leads she has are either dead ends or things she can’t explain to the other officers on the team, she knows she is running out of time to figure it all out, but that doesn’t make it any easier on her. Will Dahlia be able to figure out who is killing these people and why while also covering it all up at the same time, or will the cat get out of the bag and reveal everything she has been trying to hide? This action packed urban fantasy will leave you wanting more as you are pulled in all the same directions as Dahlia as you try to figure things out with her.

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