Price of a Rose: a Beauty and Beast tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2) by Byrd Nash – Review by Karen Pearman

Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2)Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale by Byrd Nash
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After reading Dance of Hearts by Byrd Nash, I didn’t think I could love a book more. Well, I was wrong. Price of a Rose is spellbinding and pulled me in to the point that I felt I was the main character. I was living the life of Rose and I didn’t want it to end. I truly couldn’t put this book down. I was up almost all night to finish reading it. And that’s something I don’t really do anymore considering I have to be at work at 8 AM. But it was SO WORTH THE LACK OF SLEEP!!! I must admit, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney fairytale of all time, but this put such a spin on the story that I think I love it more than the original. And that’s me being 100% honest and something I never imagined I would say. There is love and a happily ever after to this story, but with so many twists and turns I never could have seen this ending coming. Byrd once again sends us back into the 1800’s with a third person retelling that is reminiscent of the 1991 animated film. It’s a very short story but the attention to details and the characters keep you entranced and feeling like it’s you. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK ENOUGH! Please, please, please give this book a read.

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