Jinxed (Hell on Heels Book 2) by Maggie Adams – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Jinxed (Hell on Heels, #2)Jinxed by Maggie Adams
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Sadie Beauchamp is a crystal loving, holistic medicine performing, bangle and caftan wearing woman who is one of a group of friends who mean the world to each other, she also believes in spirituality and the life of a hippie, herbal teas and divining the future, however, when she goes to a palm reader to get a reading to do with the dreams and anxiety she has been having recently, however, when the reading is not a good one and she is given a warning and practically pushed out of the door, she finds that she cannot hide her fears from her friends anymore, especially when she announces she has to leave because of parts of herself she has kept secret for years.

As she talks about how she thinks her house is haunted and that she has demons chasing her, but practical as they are, the group immediately put a plan into action where they will take her to see a reputable doctor for a full health check, calling on Mitchell, the brother of one of the ladies as he has experience in investigations and solving problems. After eating and drinking, they finally convince her to spill the secrets she is so insistent on keeping close to her chest and the result is not what they expected in the slightest and they struggle to see how this information could be so dangerous to them, let alone Sadie herself, but she eventually agrees to Mitchell helping her out, despite the fact that he broke her heart the last time she saw him and they have no idea it even happened. Two days later and Sadie is at the airport picking Mitchell up, she is a bag of nerves and cannot deny that she is still attracted to him and that he makes her heart and boy do things she doesn’t want to and he insists on driving as she fills him in on the current situation.

When they get to her apartment, Mitchell insists on staying and investigating the things causing her anxiety, but much to Sadie’s horror, he moves the furniture out of place and proceeds to tell her that he will be sleeping in the same bed as her as well so that he can protect her. Will Mitchell be able to solve the mystery of her present, the conundrum of her past while she tries not to get her heart broken again? This is a romance with a dark twist which is as unpredictable as it is romantic, but will keep you hooked as you travel along Sadie’s path with her.

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