Key West Dead (Jake Wolfe Book 6) by Mark Nolan – Review by Angela Shirley

Key West DeadKey West Dead by Mark Nolan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Jake and Sarah are attending a wedding of an brother in arms, they get more fireworks than the wedding itself. Can Jake find the person blowing up boats or will he kill more people?

Jake and Sarah are attending one of Jake’s military buddies wedding and they decide to hire a boat for the weekend, with their trust friend Cody will the trio enjoy a lovely get away or will it end up in disaster.

While in the ceremony they discover that a few of his fellow vets have received death threats and Jake’s sense become alert as he feels that something is not right and that he feels something bad is about to happen, but on the way back to the boat they befriend a couple and walk them back to their boat, within minutes the whole atmosphere changes and Jake is drawn into a murder investigation. Can he find out who is blowing up all these boats, can he locate the bombs with his trust bomb dog Cody or will the killer escape.

This is the first story I have read by this author and I loved it, the twists and turners have you wrestling to uncover who the killer and the bomber is with piecing the clues along the way. I loved that the ne character is a dog and a very intelligent dog, the research that must have gone into the book is fascinating and brilliant to understand these brilliant creatures was absolutely amazing.

I loved the character of Jake and the interaction with his friends was a great read, the banter was a great light relief to a hard hitting storyline and with an excellent and well written story draws you further into the story page by page. I can’t wait to start this series from the beginning, although this can be read as a stand alone story I would like to get to know where Jake and Cody’s bond comes from and how Jake met Sarah and get to understand more that relationship.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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