Love by Design (The Meraki Series Book 2) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Love by Design (The Meraki series, #2)Love by Design by Effie Kammenou
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book truly captivated me, Honestly there was so much to love. Personally i related to the main character Mia. She was strong and ambitious but i found she was like myself…afraid to let anyone in even when the most amazing person comes into your life, despite everything your mind is telling you about not to tae a chance, you should listen to your heart and and take a leap of faith and take a chance on love and let the reationship “design” and “build itself. Watching Mia and Nicholas fall in love thru their expereicnes or their pit pats or the sad times it truly showed me that even tho with all going wrong the right person can always make all ok!

This book truly toched me as it made me think of my personal life, with my now husbamd, I was alwasy afraid and withdrawn untl i bulldozed those fears and let love be built!

Plus another note I love how Mia was Tallys sister from the first novel she wrote in the series. I loved that even tho its about different characters the story continues. Just walking the shoes of a different sibling

Honestly I loved this book with all my hearts content. It gave me joy, laughter, moments of one more chapter turning into 5 more haha,

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