Spiteful Punks: dolls and douchebags part one by Madeline Fay – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Spiteful Punks: dolls and douchebags part oneSpiteful Punks: dolls and douchebags part one by Madeline Fay
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This book is only for those over 18 due to its adult nature and possibly triggering themes.

Tillie is seventeen and she has only known darkness in her life, apart from when her Uncle was still alive, he treated her better than anyone else, but the abuse she has suffered at the hands of said “family” is horrific and has caused her every kind of pain imaginable. Her father is the President of an motorcycle club and he is the one which has instigated most of her pain and created the nightmares of her abuse which relives at night, that is until someone who cares about her helps her to escape, so she crashes her bike, hitches a ride to the nearest city and heads to an address where she is told she will be safe. She has to do this in disguise and fabricate a story to go with her actions, but she finally feels free and the day after she turns eighteen and makes it to the address, her life is about to change.

Her arrival is unexpected and unknowingly she causes a bit of upset, but she is told to make herself at home and help herself to anything she needs, she decides the first thing is going to be to get something to eat, but just as she is about to eat it, she hears footsteps in the hallway and fearing the worst, she grabs a kitchen knife and confronts the person, however, the young man she finds isn’t anyone she knows, but he is just as dangerous. Even as he is being threatened by Tillie, he has the same tinge of darkness and madness as she sees in her own eyes and as he brandishes his own knife hidden in his boot, she is confused by the fact that she is aroused by the whole scene and even more confused when a second young man approaches from behind and just increases the sensations in his own way, a light to the other’s darkness. They introduce themselves as Logan and Trey and these confused feelings come to a head when the next morning she realises that the suite she has slept in isn’t as secure as she hoped when Logan enters the shower with her and they end up in a passionate embrace, but as a meeting is called with the household and another young man, her world is about to be turned upside down.

Once the truth of where she has escaped to comes to the fore and she is told that she will be attending the local school and that the young men are told that she is not to be let out of their sight, they must escort her everywhere and that she will be meeting the fourth member of the young men’s group and he will have her schedule ready for her to collect, after this revelation, the names of the mysterious third and fourth young man are revealed as Nicholas and Dalton. Will Tillie be able to figure out her feelings about the four young men and whether she will be accepted into thes new life despite feeling like an outcast? Will she be able to keep her sanity in this new type of cage, or will her darkness break through and destroy her once and for all? This is a thrillingly dark romance which is unpredictable, hard hitting and keeps you guessing until the end.

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