The Luminara Series: Box Set – Volume 1 (Lussuria – L’amore – Lucca’s Lust) by SJ Molloy – Review by Piper Foster

The Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria - L'amore -Lucca's LustThe Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria – L’amore -Lucca’s Lust by S.J. Molloy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

8 only would recommend this series for those of 18 + because of the content and triggers.
Book 1 – Was a fabulous start to this series. We are introduced to Lexi’s life as whole and realising what she has came through is so heart touching. Watching her fall in love with Lucca was beautiful. Lexi has an extremely troubled past which you get an insight into and Lucca is there the Italian stallion with a heart of gold trying to bring her into the light. The story grips you and you wish to read more and make sure that Lucca excels at his duties and main aim.

Book 2 We are counting with were our story left off. Lexi’s past has come to Haunt her.

Book 3 This time we are reading through a diffrent POV.

However the series to me was a tad slow and development of characters could of been done at a faster pace.

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