Twisted Throttle: Satan’s Devils MC Second Generation #3 by Manda Mellett – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Twisted Throttle (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #3)Twisted Throttle by Manda Mellett
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This story is for those over 18 due to adult content and possible triggers.

Throttle is the Sergeant At Arms in the Satan’s Devils MC and he lives and breathes the club, the life and the women which he propositions and he wants nothing else, he is the happiest he has ever been and change is the last thing he wants, despite his parents best efforts at requesting it.

Today he is dealing with a slight to the club, someone has stolen a Prospects motorbike and that is something which is a sin, a mans bike is sacrosanct and nobody should touch it without their permission, but to let their bike be stolen is just as bad, even if they were only away from it for a few minutes, but as usual the clubs resident technical wizz has trawled through endless amounts of CCTV and actually found it, now they just have to pay a visit to the scrapyard when it has been traced to. Throttle is more than ready for this type of action, it has been to quiet for him as of late, so getting the opportunity to grab the guys who stole it, find out what they were planning to do with it and take them to task while telling them the mistake they have made and the consequences which go along with it, none of which is pleasant, for them at least. After the warning has been given and the people of interest have been returned to their workplace in a much worse state than when they left it, Throttle’s dad asks him for a word and they talk about what his parents wanted for him and how he only ever wanted to be in the MC when he didn’t sign up to the armed forces, much to his parents’ relief, they also discuss the fellow member who has had mental health issues and making sure that Throttle isn’t heading the same way and whether his is happy, as well as says that he is not altogether appreciative of his lifestyle of one night stands and carousel of women he knows his son consorts with.

After the heated discussion, he is needing some space as his emotions are running high, Throttle heads to the bar/ restaurant the Devil’s own where he can get something to eat and a drink, but he doesn’t expect to see a girl he knew as a kid and hasn’t seen for years working there. As they catch up, it is like those years disappear and she seems to have her life sorted out which makes Throttle happy to hear, but as she is working, the conversation peters out and he instead goes on the prowl and sees someone he thinks may be the next to ride his carousel, however, the chance disappears until the manager of the restaurant asks him to come back the next day to help manage a bachelorette party, to which he agrees. The next day he returns to help out, but ends up following the group to the next venue, which happens to be a strip club also owned by the Devils, much to his annoyance, but the same woman who caught his eye propositions him at the end of the night and he agrees to go back to her place, but when he sets out the rules, he assumes she will follow them, that is until the next day when she tries to get him to go out with her, he refuses and thinks no more of it.

When he returns to the clubhouse later that evening, he hears that one of the waitresses has been hurt and when he realises that it is his childhood friend, he rushes to her side at the hospital after stopping at the bar to see what happened. The next day he receives an expensive gift from a mystery person and as he tries to follow up on this, he is still checking in on his friend, but he is starting to think about her more and more and this has him worried, especially when he finds out that her house has also been ransacked. As time passes and his friend heals, he is tailed by a mystery car multiple times as he checks on her, followed by a further gift and silent phone calls, this mystery deepens and he gets involved with someone else,
but cannot see how they are all connected and neither can anyone else, is it a jilted lover, someone with it in for the MC, or something else entirely? This fast paced romp is a romance with a mysterious and dangerous twist as things out of Throttle’s control keep happening until he has no idea what is happening and you are pulled along on the journey with him you are just as mystified until the ending is revealed.

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