Luminoso: The Luminara Series, Book 4 by SJ Molloy – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Luminoso (Luminara, #4)Luminoso by S.J. Molloy
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This book is only for those over the age of 18 due to it’s graphic nature, adult content and triggering themes.

This is the continuation of Lexi and Lucca’s story, and that her past tormentor has been released from jail in Australia and is determined to make Lexi pay for what she did in their shared past and he is finding the most innovative and underhanded ways in which to do this. He is praying on her family and friends, as well as finding out all he can about Lucca at the same time, he has done his research and done it well, however, when Lucca finds out about it, his only concern is Lexi and her safety, however, while they are on a trip to see her family, it all comes out and Lexi is told that he has been seen nearby, it is almost more than she can bear as it all comes rushing back to her.

On their fated trip, Lexi is feeling extremely unwell, but just blames it all on a stomach bug, but when she finally gets to her grandparents house and she settles into the visit, Lucca is still looking after her while getting to know the rest of her family, but when she is still ill a few days later, her mum suspects it isn’t a bug and insists that Lexi takes a pregnancy test, in the end she takes triple that and when the realisation hits that she is indeed pregnant with Lucca’s child, this puts even more pressure on the couple than before. One evening as they are spending time together, it is reported that Micheal has been seen near the house they are staying in and that despite all the security which is in place, they are not safe there, so Lucca makes the drastic decision to take himself, Lexi and her mum Grace back to Tuscany immediately, so the hurriedly pack a bag, say their goodbyes and hurtle to the private airstrip as fast as humanly possible. While on the plane, Grace takes her medication, Lucca drowns his worries and anxieties in whiskey while Lexi panics that it is going to be Tuscany all over again, so as she tries to talk to him and get him to open up, the only way he can is by her giving him over the control so that he can work out his frustration without resorting to drink. Lucca hates himself afterwards, however, he does finally open up and talk to Lexi about the situation.

When they get to the farmhouse, all they want to do is sleep, however, Lexi’s nightmares continue and her mother starts having episodes of her own brought on by the traumatic events of the night before, but Lucca is there to pick up the pieces as best he can and support both of the ladies in his life, while also running his business at the same time. As the stresses all pile up and the media get a whiff of the story, scandals are broken and the family’s haunted past is dredged up and brought back into the spotlight, this is too much for Lexi to cope with and she struggles with the stress and anxiety, but when Lucca starts to become distant and closed off, Lexi is even more worried about him. Neither of them want to hurt the other and by continuing the cycle of non-communication this is only doing them more harm, but when a new threat is unleashed and trusts are betrayed, Lexi and Lucca begin to wonder who is really on their side and it brings out the determined and strong willed woman in Lexi while pushing Lucca to breaking point while trying to protect her and their unborn baby.

Will they have any peace while Lexi copes with a difficult pregnancy, while having the eyes on the world focussed on her and Lucca, or will Lucca’s need to protect his family break the fragile bonds holding them together? Will they be able to fight the incoming storm together, or will it break them apart on the rocks of their pasts? This is another compelling installment in a darkly romantic series where love, lust, light and strength will all be tested as past and present combine to create a turn of events which will change perceptions and realities completely.

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