Sexy Drug (Losing My Heart Book 1) by Melody Calder – Review by Kerry Carr

Sexy Drug (Losing My Heart #1)Sexy Drug by Melody Calder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Losing My Heart series and wow what a book. It had  me gripped from the first page. It’s a rollercoster story with danger, Romance, suspense and excitement. The author does an amazing job writing the characters that they literally jump off the page.

When Katie, the daughter of a top drug boss gets shot there is panick over her safety. Katie has a privileged life and gets what she wants when she wants it. But now she is being told to stay home with protection.

And the man in charge of protecting her is Ramone. Ramone started off his career as a drug runner but he worked his way through the ranks and has now been put in charge of protecting the bosses daughter. The problem is to Ramone Katie is just a spoiled princess sent to test his patience at every turn.

Can the couples hatred for each other become something else? Who is trying to kill Katie and why? Can Ramone stay unaffected by her enough to protect her? Or will he fall under her spell and risk his life and position. One of the first rules is you don’t touch the bosses daughter.

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