Sleeping Angel (Soul Connection Book 2) by Nikki Lynn Barrett

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Sleeping Angel (Soul Connection Book 2) by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Genre – paranormal, suspense, ghosts
Page Count – 521 Pages
One tragic death. Two guilt ridden souls.
Years of pain and regret keep them from connecting.
Until one night, an accident occurs… changing everything.
Drunk. Bitter. Anger. That’s me, at twenty four.
I never meant to become this person, but the murder of my sister took a toll on me.
I blame myself, but I also blame Angel.
Her silence killed my sister.
My grief takes a new turn one night.
I wake up in the hospital to the news of what I’ve done.
Everyone thinks I tried to kill Angel on purpose.
But I never meant to hit her, I don’t remember anything about the accident.
Now her fate lies in my hands, and I have to come to terms with everything I’ve done.
My solace comes in the form of my first love, Rionna.
But there are things about her that I don’t understand.
Something isn’t right about this.
Guilt is a horrible thing to live with.
From one life altering event to another.
I’m the girl always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Haunted by the past, uncertain of the future.
I dreamed of becoming someone else and erasing my existence.
Now my wish is about to come true.
I thought I died in the accident, but wake up to find out I’m in a stranger’s body.
Even more alone and without her memories, I have to make sense of this nightmare.
The one person who understands the guilt I feel is the same man who put me in this position in the first place.


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No matter where she goes, USA Today Bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett hears voices in her head. Instead of calling her crazy and locking her up, her family realizes it’s just a product of being an author and allows her to write the stories so that the voices shut up.

But they don’t. And probably never will. There’s no need to lock her up, Nikki knows she’ll never escape the voices, not until each and every last story is written. And for every story she writes, about ten or more ideas pop up.

When she isn’t slaving away at her computer writing books that will probably make you cry and keep you in suspense, Nikki plots to take over the world one book at a time. What? It’s a sickness. One she can’t escape!

Books aren’t her only addiction, though. Nikki can be found making up parodies to drive her son crazy, and bantering back and forth with her husband, who somehow manages to steal her away from the fictional world she lives in all the time.

Nikki lives in Arizona with her husband and son, where she can be found using every creativity outlet she can find through music, photography, handcrafted things, and random interests that she may pick up from time to time.

Author Interview With Nikki Lynn Barrett





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