Moonlit Mirage (A Cook Islands Romance) by Amy McKinley – Review by Rebecca Hill

Moonlit Mirage - A Cook Islands Romance (Moonlit Destination Series)Moonlit Mirage – A Cook Islands Romance by Amy McKinley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moonlit Mirage is from the Moonlit Destination Series by Amy McKinley. All the books in this series stand alone well. This book begins with Cade Malone driving in his car, getting hit, then pushed off a bridge into a river. A mysterious woman rescues him but disappears when the police arrive. This day has drastically shaped Cade’s life, and he has never stopped thinking of the woman who saved him. Five years later, on vacation, he can hardly believe it when he spots the same woman. The two spend time together and fall in love. Can Nadia give up the details of her past and tell Cade the truth? If she does, will he turn away from her forever? FInd out in this fun romantic read!

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