Terrifying Love – A Halloween Anthology – Review by Jenni Bishop

Terrifying Love: A Halloween AnthologyTerrifying Love: A Halloween Anthology by Serena Nova
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Terrifying Love: A Halloween Anthology where 8 authors have come together to share their stories that will instil a fear that will leave you with chills as they are creepy and twisted with lots of thrills, mystery, and suspense.

This collection includes:
Bringing Home by Serena Nova
His Dancer by Isobella Dunn
La Siguanaba by Everly Taylor
Reflections of the Past by Melody Calder
Runes and Fangs by Victoria Larque
Bloody Money by Annelie Janssen
The Patio and The Spade by Ada Rossi
Poems by Helle Gade

Not one story is the same, there are different genres that has something for everyone from paranormal and fantasy, horror, and romance, to so much more. It is one of those collections where you need to read in the light or you will be checking under the bed, behind the curtains and looking to see what is lurking in the shadows.

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