The Arsonist’s Handbook by L.A. Detwiler – Review by Lorrene Huisman

The Arsonist's Handbook: A Gripping Psychological ThrillerThe Arsonist’s Handbook: A Gripping Psychological Thriller by L.A. Detwiler
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Ok this was a new type of novel for me I will gladly say from the start. I had started it reading oh cool a thriller. I got so much more than I bargained for in a good way, honestly, this book was almost impossible to put down I loved this novel and I feel a strong need for more. Even after completing this story it is far from leaving my mind and still is making me think and wonder…

First reading this I getting a feel for sure about the character named Jamieson He had a rough time with his father being out of the picture and his mom working quite a lot. But Jamieson had a darkness in him like I never thought would be so extreme. He loved to burn things and watch what ever it was burn and I mean really burn the more torture the better it was and enjoyable for him. He later reads an old journal which was his fathers and this just fuels his odd obsession with the love of burning things, creatures you name it. i found as I went on Jamieson I felt for at times and other times he wickedly scarred me and made me worry about these things if this is something that could go on in todays world.

Introduce Pete, whom at first seemed like a sweetheart to me, Pete goes thru something very horrid and his mind set is on revenge and nothing more. And the way he progresses and develops truly is even scarier than Jamieson I think

All in all this was a page turning book and it gripped my soul and left me wanting more. And don’t even get me started on the ending. It was so shocking for me, I didn’t have any inkling to it coming, I feel some of the things could have been for shadowed but this novel was a wild ride of questions and living on your last breath to learn what is happen to next.

Honestly a ride like no other. This body took my body and soul and asked me at the end “wanna go again?” I cant let the thoughts and impact of this novel just go. Its really a imprint made on the reader, and I highly suggest you pick it up and prepare for sleepless nights, and your sanity tested in a good way, this is a novel not to be passed up or forgotten!!

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