Avenging Devil Part 1 (Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #3) by Manda Mellett – Review by Liz Vrchota

Avenging Devil Part 1: Satan's Devils MC San DiegoAvenging Devil Part 1: Satan’s Devils MC San Diego by Manda Mellett
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Manda Mellett really took my heart out and put it in a blender with this one. I have really loved and come to grow close to the Satan’s Devils characters that she has created, having read most of them and loved just about every single one of them. This book came with a warning and I would personally take that with caution if you tend to find them useful when choosing your novels. This one was a bit triggering for me and I typically don’t have issues with books being difficult but the way that Ms. Mellett writes her characters become so very real that I think it is almost impossible to not feel the way that they do with some ounce of that rawness and so I can see where that would be a tad real for a person. At least it was for myself. This book is deep and thought provoking. I won’t touch on the actual story or details because really that would ruin it, at least not much more than what is already given beyond the synopsis. This is one that you do not want to miss though I can promise you that. Be prepared for a cliffhanger that will leave you hungry for that part two soon to come this summer as well. I know I am waiting very excitedly!!

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