Drifting, Falling: Diary of a Call Girl Suicide by A.J. Ullman

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Drifting, Falling: Diary of a Call Girl Suicide by A.J. Ullman
Genre – Dark, mystery
Page Count – 175 Pages

The story of twenty-one-year old Ripley Astilla Luna, a smart, beautiful young woman who suffered multiple childhood traumas that have set her on a collision course with her fate to die by means of her own hands. Ripley, whose name is an homage to the protagonist of the Alien movies, dreamed as a child of becoming an astronaut. Under the care of her psychiatrist, Dan Truscott, a man deep in his own moral quagmire, and receiving counsel from Mort, her only friend, she tries to navigate her way off the Earth and into space.


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J. Ullman is the author of five novels. His sixth, Stand Your Ground, debuts later this year. He grew up and still lives in Southwest Ohio. Those experiences and settings color his works of creative writing. A. J. has worked in a variety of endeavors, from restaurants, to libraries, to law offices, to community mental health centers to family practice medical offices. A. J. is a lawyer as well as a certified family nurse practitioner concentrating work these days in the medical field, treating patients in a primary care setting, including mental health disorders.


Experiences with psychiatric nursing have left indelible impressions on A. J. and are the subject of his endeavors in novel writing. These concepts are explored in all of his books.

Author Interview With A. J. Ullman




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