Grave Digger Academy (Grave Digger Academy Series Book 1) by C.A King – Review by Anna Hirsch

Grave Digger AcademyGrave Digger Academy by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grave Digger Academy (Grave Digger Academy Series Book 1)
By C.A King
4 Stars

I’m so happy this book is a series. It was so original and not what I was expecting. I loved it! I’ve read quite a few of this author’s books and have never been disappointed. I found this book to be different from her others but just as good. Makayla is a witch and is starting her first year in the paranormal academy system. She gets the option of choosing three schools which she would like to attend but in the end, the school chooses you. It’s quite interesting the way it happens. She ends up at the academy where no one wants to go. A grave digger’s main purpose is to keep the dead, well, dead. There is more going on beneath the surface (pun intended). Makayla has a lot to learn and secrets to uncover.

This book is a wonderful fantasy filled with twists and turns. Makayla is headstrong and doesn’t want to accept fate, she wants to forge her own path. This should lead to some interesting scenarios with the rest of the series. I’m looking forward to it.

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