Journeys Through SpaceTime (Journeys Book 1) Reviewed by May Leadstone

I highly recommend this novel for you to read!! The author tackled the multiverse with multiple characters, who were pretty diverse in their personalities, with great skill! I truly enjoyed myself with this Science Fiction/Fantasy novel! Even though the author was well thought out and very enjoyable, I struggled a little with the back and forth reading of the multiverse groups. Then trying to remember what happened in the previous chapter/subsection when the change occurs to another point of view. I love the worlds he creates and his characters in these awesome universes! My favorites were the Isonian Empire and The United Commons of Eurotopia, as these particular universes caught my fancy! I love the Utopian feel of the United Commons of Eurotopia, and how the exploration into the new chapter unravels! I enjoy and yearn for a relationship like Rashella and Cysoro have!! The getaway scene has definitely made my list of romantic settings! With the Isonian Empire, it was the way the author created drama between this AMAZING POWERFUL Queen and her relatives! The drama this universe creates has been around for centuries but it never gets old watching it unfold! The other universes are good as well as the characters, but these are the groups I wanted to keep getting to!

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