Lost Bastard (Dark Sparrow Novel Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by India Kells – Review by Mrs R

I really enjoyed the story in this book. The way all the different threads weaved together kept me reading to the end.
Lots of planning must have gone into this book and there were lots of side characters involved and they really added to the story. They were introduced at a pace so you can get to know them and I can see lots more stories to come involving them.
Deva was a character I really struggled to like, and I don’t think I ever did for the entire book. She escaped the brutal MC life and knew she couldn’t safely go back. Yet she exposed herself to the MC groups when she didn’t need to, opening up a huge can of worms that could have easily stayed hidden. She also constantly put herself into dangerous situations she didn’t need to, causing unnecessary problems to the group. I also felt that she inserted herself as the MC expert, even after claiming to have been kept in the dark due to being female, and staying away for 10+ years.
I was quite shocked at Deva’s first interaction with Alesei, but it did set the stage for their relationship, which was extremely fast paced from the beginning.

I enjoyed the narration voice, however some of the accents weren’t consistent, especially during conversations where he had to keep switching from British to American. I also found the audio slow, and listened at x1.5 speed, which seemed to suit me.

Reviewed by Mrs R

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