Remember My Name (Remember My Name Series Book 1) by Laurencia Hoffman – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Remember My Name (Remember My Name #1)Remember My Name by Laurencia Hoffman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Remember My Name was nothing like what I was expecting, and I am not disappointed. I have not read anything by Laurencia Hoffman before, but will be starting the second book in this series ASAP. This book kept me hooked the entire time, and left me screaming at the end. The book follows Shane’s life, and his complicated love for Callan. At first I was confused when it kept jumping back in forth in time, talking about Shane and Jake, and Shane and Callan, but it quickly all came together. I love that the mystery was kept throughout, and until the end of the story. The cliff hanging ending has me pissed off, lol. The 2nd book does not sound like it continues the story, but I am really hoping it does. I need answers, now! I do caution the readers, this book focuses around a gay couple, and has multiple mentions and images of abuse (self inflicted and otherwise). This could be a trigger for some readers, and believe it deserves to be mentioned.

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