The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson

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The Forsaken: Wraith by Martin Ferguson
Genre – Young Adult Fantasy
Page Count – 126 pages
Cover Designer – Jacqueline Sweet
Alena Athscar, having lost her family and home, is raised by her uncle in the Guild of thieves, assassins and monster-hunters. Trained as one of them, Alena (known simply as Apprentice) sets out on her final Trial and hunts a Siren lost in the forest and preying on passing travelers. Inducted into the Guild and named as Slayer, she sets on her first assignment, hired by the Sacred, an order of sorcerers who hold power across the realms – one of their own is missing and Slayer takes the contract to find them. Recruiting a party of mercenaries and joined by an elven bodyguard (Raven), Slayer sets out to the missing sorcerer’s last known location, the village of Stonemere. Surviving an bandit ambush enroute and capturing one of their leaders (Quinlan), the group arrive at Stonemere and find that the village has succumbed to darkness, an evil twisting and warping the inhabitants. In order to vanquish the evil and escape the horrors of Stonemere, Slayer, Raven and Quinlan unite with two of the village’s prisoners (Jakseyth and Fenrix). Their exploits will earn Alena the name of Wraith and her group The Forsaken.


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Martin Ferguson is a UK based author.

Martin’s debut series, Relic Hunters, is a Young Adult adventure series, drawing on the myths and legends of different time periods and blending them with thrill-seeking action in the modern age.

Martin’s most recent work is the Young Adult fantasy series The Forsaken, set in the collaborative world of the Hidden Realms, writing alongside NY Times best selling authors.

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