Unlikely in Love (A Parker Lake Novel Book 1) by Olivia Sherwood – Review by Lana Willard

Unlikely in Love (A Parker Lake Novel Book 1)Unlikely in Love by Olivia Sherwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I want to start off by saying I had very low expectations for this book. I am so not a small town romance reader. Give me dark, taboo, and crazy any day of the week over a small town in the middle of nowhere. However, this story made me take a double take. I couldn’t stop a smile from creeping onto my face when I started reading about dearly departed Sophie Cleaver. That woman made me think about my own crazy but lovable grandma.

I related so much to poor Annie as tried to figure out what life would be like after her biggest cheerleader was gone. I was so happy that she and Wyatt found each other. I feel like Ms. Sophie made sure to work her “voodoo” and sent her baby girl someone so she wouldn’t be alone for long. I will definitely have to read the next book in this series.


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