Caine (Men of Syn Book 2) by Anise Storm – Review by Ashley Dover

Caine (Men of Syn, #2)Caine by Anise Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caine Stephens is a man wanted for the murder of his father Arthur Carmichael in the Washington, DC area. On the tip of a friend, Caine leaves the DC area quickly one night and travels to see his friend, Hawke, who owns the Syn BDSM club in Denver. Trying to stay off of everyone’s radar, Caine rents a rundown hotel room with cash. And Hawke supplies him with a job as part of the security detail at Syn.

After his first night at the club, Caine stops on his way home to help a stranded motorist. Much to his intense dislike, it is Emery Wilder, Hawke’s submissive’s best friend. Emery had led a life of luxury until her father is taken to jail on money laundering and drug trafficking charges. Then his accounts are frozen which includes all of her accounts and the penthouse that she lives in. As Caine gives her a lift, he realizes that a hole she is in and now her car isn’t running anymore. He offers her a place to stay with him because she has no one else to turn to.

Even though the two are working through troubles that are related, neither of them realizes how connected their paths really are. During their time together, Caine and Emery fall in love with one another. Can they work through their troubles and still end up together or will their pasts collide in a way that they cannot stay together?

This story is truly an amazing tale of how two truly different people can end up falling in love.

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