Entwined (Stone and Cinder Book 1) by A. L. Morrow- Review by Micalah Weatherholtz

Entwined: A Cinderella Retelling (Stone and Cinder Book 1)Entwined: A Cinderella Retelling by A.L. Morrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All I knew going into this was that it was a fantasy romance based on the story of Cinderella that included monsters but boy was I surprised at what this story really held within its pages. This was a quick, fast paced story that I devoured really quickly! I’d definitely recommend it to an older crowd, as the first page or so of the book itself recommends, due to the sexual scenes being super spicy. The book is loosely based on Cinderella holding to her father passing away and leaving her with a horrid step mother and cruel step sisters, but also the going to the ball, and leaving a slipper behind after she flees into the night. There are added fantasy elements with the protective dome and monsters that I thought added a great new twist to the story. The characters and their relationships were developed well and modernized, original, and definitely not something you would find in your old school Cinderella story. This is a brand new refreshing take on a classic fairytale. There is no cliffhanger per say but it absolutely leaves you wanting to read more and will leave you looking forward to book two’s release. My only issue with this book honestly was the names! Callum and Ashling I didn’t have trouble with which was good due to the fact they are some of the main characters but Teague and Fionnuala and Bronagh ? I had trouble with those and every time I got to one of them it would pull me out of the story and I would have read a few paragraphs before I would be pulled back into only to stumble on one of them again. I ended up just calling Fionnuala “The Queen” for the whole book.

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