Forever Valentine: A Sequel to Professor Valentine (Kirk University Series, Book 6) by Diana Vale – Review by Beverly Finnie

Forever Valentine (Kirk University, #6)Forever Valentine by Diana Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading Professor Valentine by Diana Vale, I couldn’t wait to jump into her sequel (book 6 in the series) Forever Valentine. The continuation of Diego and Cassie’s story. I love what Diana Vale has done with their love affair. Starting out as advisor and student, to a story about twin flames/love. The way Diana Vale develops her characters is done beautifully. The digging deeper into Diego and Cassie’s love is memorizing. With a wonderful supporting cast of minor characters throughout, Diego and Cassie have the love everyone wants. the undying and unyielding kind. I also the way the characters were able to persevere with all the obstacles presented to them, to test their love to the ultimate limit. I look forward to reading other books written by Diana Vale in the future!


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