To be a Fae Queen (Realm Chronicles Book 1) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Tamisha Janay

To be a Fae Queen (Realm Chronicles #1)To be a Fae Queen by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this book worried that it would have the same plotline as every other Fae story that I have read lately, but I was so incredibly enthralled by it that I could not put it down until I was finished. I read it all in one sitting. Titania is struggling with her anxiety, which is something that I deal with as well – so this made the story even more interesting to me. The loss of her brothers before the story begins showed me a deeper purpose for her wanting to prove herself. For a girl (faerie) so young, it was incredible to watch her change into a regal and humble leader. From the challenge of a woman reigning over the kingdom, to the confusion regarding her emotions regarding the opposite sex, and the deception of people she assumed she could trust – this story literally had everything that I needed and wanted to see. I love that there is something mysterious surrounding her mother and that there is an unknown power that Titania possesses – it leaves so much more to be revealed in future books. The descriptions of where to find the faerie lands in reference to the world as we know it was extremely clever and made it all feel that much more real. I look forward to reading more about the upper and lower realms as well as discovering what happens as time goes on. Tricia Copeland did an amazing job with this story, and I will be reading any and everything of hers that I can get my hands on. Highly recommend!

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