Cursed Sight (Broderick Coven Book 2) by AJ Renee- Review by Lauren West

Cursed Sight (Broderick Coven, #2)Cursed Sight by A.J. Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was amazing from start to finish. A great paranormal tale by AJ Renee that is both original and imaginative. It had the perfect amount of romance and suspense all enclosed with many twists and turns you did not expect in this paranormal tale.
Ethan and Serena are both witches. Serena is a High Priestess and Ethan an Oracle. While Ethan’s powers are new and something he surely needs help to navigate it is one of the reasons that they come together. Serena is very powerful, the head of her coven, and the perfect person to help Ethan expand his powers. When Ethan begins to have dreams/visions of Serena in danger that is when the story truly begins, and you want to stop to miss a thing. While it was easy to warm to Ethan it took awhile for me to feel the same for Serena, but once I did I loved the idea of them and the chemistry they shared. This is witches and magic at its finest, and was all in all a great story.

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