Snowfall Serenade (Soul Connection #3) by Nikki Lynn Barrett – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Snowfall Serenade (Soul Connection, #3)Snowfall Serenade by Nikki Lynn Barrett
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I loved this book more than I can dare to say! I found it full of moving moments as well as a lot of emotions for myself surrounding the characters I read about! I loved the aspects of the ghosts that were added into the story, and they really added nicely, and the writing really made this book an very easy flow to read.

I was sucked in and entwined completely with this novel, it was so good. I loved how the two main characters could see ghosts and basically were gifted that they had to help them on their way, but is being let go really what all ghosts seem to want? Or sometimes does unfinished business mean something more than a human brain would think to consider?

Zelda and Scott could both see the ghosts and they I found sometimes viewed it as more of a burden, as it took time away from things they enjoyed such as each other and family time. The ghosts put a strain on what they have between them for sure, but with the ghosts needs and their past history of what they bring to the table, it makes things for Zelda and Scott more worst than off than they first appeared to me at first glance. All in all, I was truly captivated by this novel and was rooting for Zelda and Scott, they were beloved characters who deserved a happy story for sure. I loved the ghosts though, it made the story complicated for the characters sure at times, but I found their back stories had much appeal to read!

The story itself was moving and an easy flow to read, and it was one you really had to put your heart in to really feel what Zelda, Scott, as well as our ghost friends were feeling. It was beautiful and I am so glad I discovered this amazing author. Will be reading more of their work for sure, high recommendation!

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