The Guardian’s Legacy (The Coin of Time series Book 1) by Luciana Cavallaro – Review by Lorrene Huisman

The Guardian's Legacy (Coin of Time, #1)The Guardian’s Legacy by Luciana Cavallaro
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Wow! This was a amazing start to a new series for me to read and enjoy. Needless to say, I was quite impressed and enjoyed this book in more ways than one The book brings mystery, with some history and a whole lot of action, and lots of questions on my end. Highly enjoyed reading this book!

First off I loved how the author opened the book, there was a action scene then we cut to high school. We learn of our main character in this novel, named Nik. He seemed to be a good soul and he certainly grew in many ways as a character! Very likeable and the book was an easy read. I enjoyed the mystery self that Nik get’s landed in his lap. Who knew a odd message from your grandfather could set along a strange course of events, and undeniable maybe even put your life and all that you know at stake?

Nik’s grandad had a past and what was believed to be a myth. All over this mysterious coin. Was the coin more than it appeared, and what was so important of it? I had many questions as I read through, and when the book talked of past events I was literally nose in my book. Big ole history biff here and the visuals were outstanding to say the least. I loved the mystery surrounding the novel, and I enjoyed that by the end I had more questions than answers. Oh boy, that ending though, I need my hands on the next installment. I need to know more and what happens! The mystery and character development and story line was amazing in all aspects, I was hooked, and truly sucked into reading this rare gem!

Just seriously, holy cow! This book had a lot of stuff going on, and it was so easy to follow, from start to the suspenseful ending that shall carry to the next installment in this series. The book truly delivered in more ways than one, and it is a really good book, and I am glad I came across this author, as I now desperately need to read more of their works. Honestly amazing read, seriously read this book!

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