The Mating Call (Long Claw Pride Book 1) by Brooke May

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The Mating Call (Long Claw Pride Book 1) by Brooke May
Genre – Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance
Page Count – 280 pages
In the world of mountain lion shifters, a time comes when each will find their mate, the other half of their soul. The call comes when they least expect it.
Cheyenne Mackenzie was determined to forge her own way and find love all on her own, but after ten years of failure, the mating call has finally struck her, drawing her back home to Long Claw.
Lane Matthews was cast out of his home and left to wander from one job to another until opportunity struck him and had him heading north to find a family he’s longed for.
Lane is willing to give it his all to claim his mate and prove himself to her, but Cheyenne has reservations that might make it impossible to break through. Her past has clouded her path to the future while Lane strives to put distance from his own and start over in a place he can finally see himself settling at.
With the encouragement of her family, Cheyenne might be able to let go of the past and embrace the future Lane is all too willing to give her.
Nestled in the small mountain town, possibilities bloom as walls begin to crumble. Join the world of mountain lion shifters and become part of this wild and crazy pride.


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Romance author Brooke May spends her days writing whatever her overactive imagination has brewed up and her evenings reading while she works alongside her mom. Telling stories is second natural to her, from a young age she has told anyone who would listen what she had thought up. Now, a mom of two, she splits her time writing, playing with her kids, and of course, hiking, hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling in her beloved Bighorn Mountains.

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