Twilight’s Curse (Twilight Realm Series Book 1) by K. M. Wray – Review by Desiree Ottinger

Twilight's CurseTwilight’s Curse by K.M. Wray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nix is an orphaned prince of the Twilight Realm who has to gone into hiding. Zoe, the daughter of the usurpers, ran away from her parents after years of abuse. Both are searching for a way to end the tyranny and set everything back to rights. As their lives and similar missions become intertwined, can they work together or will they let their differences come between them?

This was a fantastic YA read. The characters were well written and the plot moved quickly. My attention was captured from the very beginning and I was rooting for Zoe and Nix to overcome their fears and work together. It saddened me to read of the abuse (not explicitly written) that Zoe had undergone and the trauma that Nix experienced. However, I appreciated that despite these awful experiences, neither character let it define who they were or keep them from doing/seeing the good in others.

I would recommend this book!

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