Unlikely to Fit (Parker Lake) by Olivia Sherwood – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Unlikely to Fit (A Parker Lake Novel Book 2)Unlikely to Fit by Olivia Sherwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unlikely to Fit is a romance that is about coming home, finding love again, and all the heartache and happiness in between. Having not read any of this authors work, I was keen to begin. And it was an amazing story. Tear inducing dramatics. Breckin and Griffin both hale from Parker, Oklahoma. Griffin returns brokenhearted, Breckin returns a little bitter and jaded.

Griffin was no stranger to tragedy, and was destined to be alone for the rest of his life. His story touched me deeply. He had made a promise and was determined never to break it. He was the listener, the advisor, the voice of reason and always had a shoulder to cry on. He was a gallant friend and was content to work and hang out with his friends, but go home alone.

Breckin had her scars, but her story was different. She chose the wrong person to invest in and got burnt in the process. She just wanted to be a part of something and not alone. She was scared to put herself out there again romantically. Her story is not uncommon, but was unique in its own right.

Olivia Sherwood provided a gripping and emotional second chance story that sucked you in and kept you totally enthralled from go to woe. It had highs and lows and all the excitement in between. As far as this particular trope goes, Unlikely to Fit was up there with the best. Their journey was over before I was ready, but I have some really great moments spent with these incredible characters and am left with lasting memories of a wonderful story. 5 stars.

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