Embracing Jared (Thrill of the Chase, #3) by Anna Paige – Review by Lisa Helmick

Embracing Jared (Thrill of the Chase, #3)Embracing Jared by Anna Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whoa! What a story! Really.. I was blown away! What I love about this is the look behind the rock star. Sure there are band moments but this really is about Jared and his life. I enjoyed how little moments became larger moments and really I just loved Jared and his devotion to Mr C.

The feelings displayed by the characters and also *felt* by the reader are immense. Many times I want to Hoot and Holler for Jared and other times I wanted to put my hand on his shoulder in commiseration. I really felt his joy even if they were happy tears. Cookie is a delight. Feisty, sassy and stands up for herself. I loved her interaction with Mr C. She is someone everyone would love to have on their staff.

I love and enjoy seeing all the guys in the band. They are truly brothers first and band members second. It shows over and over in this story. I love the joking and noodling. Even when Kade laid into one of the other characters…I was like..Yup don’t mess with him!

These stories are so much more that just rock star romance. There is depth behind each of them that makes the reader go through a hoard or emotions. I laughed, cried, felt empathy and was surprised while reading. I easily end up loving all the characters and could see myself rereading this one. I eagerly look forward to Lennox’ story.

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