Master Trentino (Masters of the Consulate Book 3) by Sylvia Black- Review by Lauren West

Master TrentinoMaster Trentino by Sylvia Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author never disappoints, and this series only continues to get better each book! Sexy, dark, dangerous, and intense can sum up a few things about this book! As we encounter the new characters and the old ones you cannot help but feel giddy for what’s about to come. We are now introduced to our 3rd couple we are drawn more into the dark Vampire world and its hidden secrets.

You could feel every emotion, action, and word spoken between Master Trentino and Angel. Events that lead Trentino to saving Angel’s life by turning her change them both forever. Angel was raised to believe Vampires were the enemy, and as she begins her transformation there are many mixed emotions. As she comes into her new self she must learn to accept her new world and also try to fight her feelings and cravings for Master Trentino.
Trentino and Angel have much to learn from one another, and as they intertwine their life and love they find a way through the chaos together.

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