Unlikely to Stay (Parker Lake) by Olivia Sherwood

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Unlikely to Stay (Parker Lake Series Book 3) by Olivia Sherwood
Brant Billings has not had much sense of permanency in his life. Raised as a foster kid, he was bounced from home to home until Betty Billings, his foster mom, adopted him at the age of eleven. Facing a mountain of student loan debt after receiving his nurse practitioner’s license, Brant accepted a job at a clinic in the small town of Parker, Oklahoma. As long as he worked in the tiny town for three years, his loans would be forgiven. For a man with no attachment to anyone other than his adopted mom, he had complete confidence he would be walking away in three years completely debt free. What he didn’t figure into the equation was the woman with the cherry red hair and sapphire blue eyes who seemed to try and avoid him at all costs.
Small town girl Colleen “CC” Chandler has always been used to fending for herself. Raised by hippie parents more focused on their wants and needs than their daughter’s, Colleen has not had much sense of stability in her life. As the town’s only hair stylist, Colleen has continued to care for others by giving them the confidence they need to look their best. What Colleen has lacked is confidence in herself. Feeling as if she’s nothing but a simple hairdresser, Colleen shies away from anyone she feels is smarter than her, especially the handsome nurse practitioner who’s only in town for three years.
When the town raises money for Colleen to build the town a top-of-the-line workout gym by holding an eligible bachelor auction, Colleen’s friends buy a date with Brant for Colleen. Both Brant and Colleen have scars that run deep. Will the two of them be able to overcome the odds stacked against them or will they simply be too much to handle?


Olivia Sherwood writes feel-good, happy-ever-after romances she hopes elicit smiles and laughs from all her readers. Her first novel, “Why Giraffes Have Long Necks” won the fifth grade creative writing award; that’s when her love for writing bloomed. Her mother still has the original copy in the bottom drawer of her dresser. 

Olivia was born and raised in Oklahoma but her heart belongs to the ocean. When she’s not traveling to the beach as much as she can, she spends her time hiking the small mountains of southern Oklahoma with her two kids and goofy rescue dog, planting flowers in her garden, or doing yoga in her living room. She may also be found curled up on the couch, her two cats in the crook of her legs, reading a good book.






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