Shake Loose the Border (Thunder on the Moor Book 3) by Andrea Matthews – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Shake Loose the Border (Thunder On The Moor Book 3)Shake Loose the Border by Andrea Matthews
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I jumped on the band wagon in reading this amazing series. I must say I certainly received more than I bargained for! The story itself in this specific installment was full of emotion and other feelings associated with it. I did realize how deep these feelings would go, it was a powerful read start to finish!

I loved the concept of this story! I have read the second book in the past, and actually from reading that one read the first, and I am back with a finished 3rd in the series. I must say the toll of emotions in this one defiantly continues on in a intense way in this one! Will and Maggie are true troopers, they endure a lot, as much as everyone else character wise. There was a lot of feelings of pain and hardship I found with his one, I felt I was living in the moment as well as the suspense and agony Will and Maggie faced! That’s what I loved especially in this novel, the realism was there, and it was certainly felt!

The way the story flowed was a good quick speed, and it kept you guessing and wondering what would come next with the words that were written! I had a lot of concern going as I read this novel. I would say that is the magic of this amazing author, they know how to keep you guessing and wanting more. The whole story is beautiful and full of its own special impact. I can never get enough of this series. I am already dying to know what will take flight and happen in the next! I love this series so much!

This book for me was the bet in the series yet, you really know the characters and things they have gone though, and you really have a strong build of a relationship with them! The feels as I have said got to be very real in this one! I would say defiantly look this author and series up if you have not already! The author and series is a must read! I will also add, this book alone is a must read, not one to be missed!

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