Sinful Vow (Dark Mafia Sins, book 1) by Emily Bowie – Review by Angela Shirley

Sinful Vow (Dark Mafia Sins, #0.5)Sinful Vow by Emily Bowie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when you are born into a world that does not want you, thinks you’re a cast off. Well, that’s me Aly the illegitimate child of one of the most powerful men in the town. No-one dares to touch me until one night I witness a stranger running away from a gunshot, but he turns and stands in front of me, although I am scared, he just captivates me. He vows to protect me even from my family.

Luca started life on the street a nobody, but one chance meeting and his life has changed forever. Now part of one of the biggest crime families in the town he is destined to become the Don when his father steps down, but one night he makes a mistake and saves a damsel in distress. Later, she captivates him, and Luca cannot give her up, the only problem she is the daughter of there enemy and will he be able to have his girl and keep the peace.

This story is full of action from the first page, seeing Luca’s start in life till now you understand why there is such rivalry with the Rossi’s and Mancini’s. Luca is captivated with Aly but he see’s away to get back at Mancini with making his daughter fall in love with him and this will be the ultimate betrayal. Although when Aly’s brother Jonny and the next in line for the Mancini line is killed, Aly’s father must find away to keep her the next in line to takeover the family but of course this goes wrong.

I love the character of Aly, she is full of sass and determination to become the woman she wants to be, within the mafia world she has seen how they have treated her mother and is determined that is not going to happen to her. Although when Luca comes into the picture, she is fascinated by him although at first, they are frenemies she then starts having feeling towards him and eventually they both can’t hide their true feelings anymore.

The characters in this story are so well developed and rich, the story is powerful but shows that there is a soft side to rugged men and that love does win out in the end. I can’t wait to read more books in this series and by this author.

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