..••°°°°••.. COMING SOON ..••°°°°••.. Depending On You by Jessica Aiken-Hall

..••°°°°••.. COMING SOON ..••°°°°••..
Depending on You by Jessica Aiken-Hall
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Genre – Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Coming of Age
Page Count – 275
Cover Designer – Shower of Schmidt’s Lanie Whitby
Cate Silver killed a man. For the last twenty years, she thought she had gotten away with it. Now, with the case reopened, she stands to lose everything. She has only one option left: trade her freedom for the truth. It’s the only way out of the mess, but it comes at a heavy price.
Twenty years ago, Patti Thomas left, and didn’t look back. She left her best friend to fend for herself. Trying to keep her secrets hidden, she had no choice but to start over. Now over four hundred miles away, with a family of her own, she knows she must go back to Vermont and help Cate.
Together again, Cate and Patti must decide if it’s time to reopen the wounds of that night or keep running from them. As evidence surfaces, the potential to destroy a once in a lifetime friendship looms. Twists, turns and murder. There’s only one way out-but how much can one friendship withstand?

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