Heart Broken (Satan’s Devils MC #5) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

Heart Broken: Satan’s Devils MC, Volume 5 Audio Book by Manda Mellett

Rating: 5 of 5 starts

I was so excited to get Heart’s story! After what he had been through in previous books, I was rooting for him from the very start. The book starts right where the one before left off, and Heart has basically been sent to roam on his own after some serious mis-steps on his part. Marc becomes his unlikely friend and the rest of the book is a whirlwind of grief, tragedy, violence, and learning to love. Top all that off with a brotherhood that keeps me coming back for more after every book I read, and you have got a great novel! This author always manages to find a new way to tackle an MC love story, making each story familiar, yet brand new. I love the way the author deals with very real, serious and tragic backstories, and shows how each character overcomes them and is still able to find love and grow. Looking forward to the next, as usual! Take note that this book is number 5 in the series. I would say that they can be understood and followed separately, but there are backstories, and other connections that you would miss if you do not read them in order so I highly recommend starting with Turning Wheels.

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