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The Blood Prince by Ayla Marie
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3n53y4W
Genre – YA, Fantasy
Page Count – TBD
Cover Designer – Hang Le

A mercenary with death following his every step…

Leo has been evading Lady Death’s grip his entire life. First, fighting in the merciless Tominese arenas, and then becoming the most feared mercenary in the country. The unnatural powers that have made him into a ruthless killer are the same that prohibit his very existence under the royal laws of Tominay.  Though they will always be hunted, he protects his brothers and sister with his every breath because allowing death to take them away has never been an option.

Now they must run, or face their worst nightmares…

When Leo’s employer finds out his younger brother holds the same power that made him into an invaluable weapon, they must make a long-awaited decision: to stay and risk slaughter, or to flee their home in search of a new life.

Will they survive the journey, or fall fighting for their freedom?

It’s a battle for survival as the siblings chase the land of their people in the hopes of a better future. Though they try to outrun it, the demons of the past never cease to haunt them, and the trials of the future hold more terror than can be imagined. But will the journey truly lead to the salvation they crave, or walk them straight to the bloody end they fear?

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