Castor’s Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars Book 2) by Tai James – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Castor's Kiss (Soul Bonded in the Stars # 2)Castor’s Kiss by Tai James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Castor’s Kiss is the second book in the Soul Bonded in the Stars series. Following on from the previous book, we catch up with Mia who is being held captive and made to fight in a deadly arena. Castor is sent to rescue her, ahead of Keira and Phoenix, but the rescue mission turns out to be a lot more complicated than anticipated and Castor and Mia have to fight to survive long enough to make their escape.
This is an interesting play on the soulmate trope. Neither Castor or Mia are particularly looking for a soulmate – in fact, Castor has been actively supressing his instincts to search out his soulmate. And it’s a really inconvenient time, as both need to be focused on fighting and developing as a team. They have to learn to make it work, and not let their feelings distract them from the task at hand.
Soul Bonded in the Stars is a vibrant sci-fi romance series with wonderful settings and characters. In Castor’s Kiss, I particularly liked De’ara, who Mia initially dismisses as incapable of fighting and in need of saving. De’ara gets a chance to prove herself and show what she can really do.
I would recommend this series to sci-fi fans. It is probably worth starting with the first book, Phoenix’s Touch, to get to know the world and characters and to enjoy Keira and Phoenix’s story. Castor’s Kiss gets five stars from me!

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