Distant Heart Sounds (Nurse Morgan Series Book 1) by Kate MacInnis – Review by Victoria Trifu


Distant Heart Sounds (Nurse Morgan #1)Distant Heart Sounds by Kate MacInnis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story that Kate MacInnis has created here is phenomenal! Morgan is a very likable, busy ER nurse, who is recovering from brain aneurysm surgery and now can see ghosts! When reading the synopsis, I fell hard for the line, “Just because you haven’t seen a ghost, it doesn’t mean they aren’t around. You can’t see germs either, but you know they exist everywhere,” because as a nurse I know it’s true! When I first started this book, it took me a minute to get over the fact that our main character, Morgan had brain aneurysm surgery and she was back working full time in a busy Emergency room. Once I got past my hang up, I really enjoyed the book and all the spooky things Morgan experienced. The characters, alive and dead are a hoot! And there is even a little romance thrown into the mix. I look forward to the next book for sure!

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