The Second Alpha Heir by C.L. Ledford

The Second Alpha Heir by C.L. Ledford
Genre – Werewolf, Paranormal
Page Count – 179
Cover Designer – Get Covers

The bullied second son of the Alpha, Nolen, just turned thirteen when his brother Archer is attacked and killed by an enemy pack—making him the next heir of the Rhyolite Pack. Forcing him from his family to an allied pack for training.

He returns a few days before his eighteenth birthday back to his home to shift for the first time. He finds his mate but due to a law, he cannot confront her. Three years later, misfortunes await him when the enemy pack that killed his brother challenges the pack again. His parents taken prisoner, Nolen must now try to find a way to become stronger to save his pack from the enemy alpha.

Will he be able to regain his pack and take his Luna? Or will his destiny be robbed of him?


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C.L.Ledford is a writer based out of Georgia. Her love of writing started in High school where her first work Silver Moon Kiss was born. She spends her spare time spending time with her kids and hunting with her husband with their five German shorthair pointers. Her current work in progress is a CEO book, Raising the Stakes and the revision of Silver Moon Kiss.

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