Imperfectly Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 2) by Anise Storm – Review by Donya Pedigo

Imperfectly Yours (Titans of Manhattan #2)Imperfectly Yours by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be warned there are some triggering topics such as addiction, loss, depression, miscarriage, infertility, along with drug & alcohol dependency. These topics are well written and handled with care in this book, however I felt a warning needed to be said in case someone has triggers to these things.

This is the second book in the author’s Titans of Manhattan series, and it is a unique spin on a romance book. The spin is that the love story between Anton and Elsa has already begun before the book opens. Anton is a Hollywood actor in love with Elsa who is a realtor in New York City. We get to read and experience all the ups and downs of the first year of marriage. Like in real life this couple had to face many tragedies and problems within their fictional life. These characters are so well written that they seem real enough to pop off the page and join you in real life, which is a great tribute to the author’s writing.

I love that this book showed that no matter what this couple faced they stuck beside each other trying to adapt and learn how to cope, trust, and depend on one another. This is something more people in real life need to learn and live by.

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