Levi (The Brothers of Creekside Ranch Book 1) by Edith Mackenzie – Review by Jennifer Gordon

LeviLevi by Edith Mackenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable and engaging western style, clean romance, which kept me happily turning the pages. Bella Orstwell, is an English aristocrat who helped get her abusive Russian mafia boyfriend arrested, but is now in hiding whilst awaiting the trial. Bella has to pretend to be both the housekeeper to the Delaney Brothers and a nanny to their younger sister. Although all three of the brothers are attractive, it’s cowboy, Levi that catches her eye, however, it’s also ex-Navy SEAL Levi who is in charge of protecting her. Levi is busy enough helping his brothers run the ranch and raising his little sister, without having to take on a ‘babysitting gig’.
He definitely wasn’t expecting Bella who is both annoying and lovely at the same time, and all he can think about is kissing her, when he’s not ordering her around, for her safety. Meanwhile, Bella is determined not to follow all of Levi’s many orders, but although she has sworn off men, there is something about wounded hero Levi which makes her want to heal him. Soon the couple have more dangerous things to deal with as any HEA can only happen if Levi can keep Bella alive when her past comes looking for her. The main characters are all likeable and relatable, and the chemistry between Levi and Bella came across in the narrative and in their banter. I was hooked from start to finish and I felt immersed in the storyline, which was a good mix of, drama, suspense and romance.

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