Someone Exactly Like Me (Wounded Hearts Series Book 1) by Debbie Cromack

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Someone Exactly Like Me (Wounded Hearts Series Book 1) by Debbie Cromack
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 323
Cover Designer – Qamber Designs & Media 

He’s a hot Italian celebrity who wants the American dream. She’s a romance author whose career is in a slump. They strike a business deal to help each other get what they want. When sparks fly, neither may get what they bargained for and both may end up with broken hearts.


My life is vanilla.

Devoid of excitement. Lacking in passion.

What kind of romance author doesn’t even know what passion feels like?

My career is plummeting.

I’m desperate.

Most people aren’t even aware of my existence.

He sees me.

He’s everything I thought I could never have; passionate, adventurous, intellectually fulfilling.

He’s also famous, making him untouchable to a nobody like me.

He offers me a deal to save my career.

As the deal plays out, flames ignite that can’t be doused.

Will I pay the price of a broken heart to get my career back on track?


My life is on display for the world to judge.

I show them what I want and nothing more.

She sees me.

She sees beyond what I show.

She’s everything I’ve always wanted; kind, loving, and pure of heart.

She’s also unattainable on every level.

She holds the key to my future.

My American dream in Hollywood.

I offer a deal to help us both.

Will it come at a cost higher than I bargain for?

My heart is on the line now.

And there’s no going back.


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Debbie Cromack is a contemporary romance author who writes romantic, emotionally raw love stories with a lot of heart and a hint of steam. Her characters are realistic, flawed, and people you’d want to get to know. She’s been called the master of the SLOW BURN.

After spending 25+ years in corporate America, being the CEO of an event decorating company, and then an online business coach, she tried her hand at writing romance novels, publishing her debut novel at the age of 50, and has been writing ever since.

Fun facts: 1) She lived in Taiwan for ten years, 2) Her undergraduate degree is in psychology/sociology/anthropology with a minor in corporate communications and her MBA is in marketing…NONE of which help her in her author career, and 3) You’ll almost never hear her say the word, “hate” or the phrase, “It’s hard.”

When life has you down or feeling frantic, she challenges you to ask yourself, “Is this serving me?” And if the answer is, “No,” do your best to set it free and let it go.

She’s an Amazon international bestselling author and has been featured in Forbes.

The Personal Side of Debbie:

She has a bunny named Nutmeg, who’s quite the little snuggler. She also has two Nigerian dwarf goats, Patches and Tiny Tim, and many chickens.

She does her best to eat healthy and organic however, she does have a wicked sweet-tooth for chocolate and tries to only indulge on special occasions. Her biggest indulgence…hot cocoa!!

Author Interview with Debbie Cromack



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