The Colors of Friendship (The Colors Trilogy Book 1) by K.R. Raye – Review by Amanda Swindle

The Colors of Friendship (Colors Trilogy, #1)The Colors of Friendship by K.R. Raye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Colors of Friendship is a pretty straightforward read, not TOO in depth, and easy to follow. The story is about 3 best friends that love and protect each other. Melody is a childlike romantic, living with her head in the clouds, and wants nothing more than to find her Prince Charming. Instead, she bumps into Kevin (literally) and while he seems to have the ability to always know what to say, he is far from her Prince. Imani is level headed and focused on her studies and career goals. Unlike Melody, she has no interest in finding a love interest. Then, Trevor comes along, great friends that they are…..And then you have Lance, the football star and womanizer. The irony here is that he uses women for his own pleasures (frequently) but is severely protective if HIS girls (Melody and Imani). There are some triggers in here for romantic scenes and abuse, so that should be known as well….Overall, There are plenty of peaks in this book, and the plot and dialogue flows effortlessly, but it just was not my preference in style. I do think others will enjoy this read, however, so I will leave it as a 4 star.
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