In Plain Sight (Logan McKenna Mystery Series Book 8) by Valerie Davisson – Review by Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

In Plain Sight: A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 8In Plain Sight: A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 8 by Valerie Davisson
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This book took me a while to get into, but I honestly had some personal things going on and I didn’t give it a REAL first chance. I made myself go back and reread it and give it the chance that it really deserved. I am SO GLAD that I did too!! It hooked me with its claws and held on tight! Anyways, to the book! Lol. Logan volunteers at a animal rescue center. She’s loving it more and more the deeper she becomes a part of the wildlife center. She is loving the hawks, eagles, and owls. She’s slowly becoming closer to some of the other staff too, especially the vet of the center. When she comes in early one day all things come to a screeching halt with the center. She find’s a coworker’s office ransacked and the coworker dead in one of the other rooms, along with a dead raptor she was helping with! What has she stumbled into?! No sign of what caused the death has everyone stumped. With no leads the investigation stalls, but Logan thinks there is more to this story. With the help of two friends, they look into what they believe might be murder! The killer’s attention turns towards Logan the more that they dig into the murder. Before she becomes the killer’s next victim Logan must find out the truth about what happened to her vet friend. She knows something is off, but can’t put her finger on it. Will Logan find out the truth of what happened before the killer gets to her. Will she be silenced before the truth comes out? Will she be the killer’s next prey? What about her friends helping her? Will the killer get them too? Will the killer get away with the vet’s murder?! And possibly theirs too? This mystery thriller will hook you in! I read this book as a stand alone, but there are more to the series that you can read first. It isn’t needed, but I personally can’t wait to read the others in the series. I also LOVE that the book is about raptors and it touches on a great cause of saving these beautiful wild creatures.

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